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Corporate Clients Review
Bajaj Highland Retreat Lonavala Resorts, perched on the lonavala hill in the midst of astounding views of waterfalls, lakes, caves, hiking trails that weave through the woody surrounding. Bajaj Highland offers many personalized services with comforting accommodations
Vinod Vanvari:
It gives us great pleasure to extend to you the warmth of hospitality that we lived for two days at your Kodai Kanal Highland Holiday Home. (24th & 25th Jan.’08). The avail was as against a gift voucher we received at a promotional drive at Borivali (E), Mumbai. Though not members we will never hesitate to drop in at any of your resorts, tempted by the quality of your prompt and perfect services, right from booking to the stay and in house facilities. Your catering service at the resort provided us the exact made to order quality of food we were seeking. It wills us our pleasure to extend your good name to our friends and relatives so that they may also experience your warm services. Many thanks for the gift.
I am pleased to inform you, that our stay at Bajaj Highland Retreat, Lonavala, was a pleasant one. The club house is a well designed structure with a spacious lobby, and is beautified with a giant picture screen for night in-house entertainment. The resort has various entertaining games viz. Chess, carom, table tennis, badminton, etc. The kiddos too are kept well in mind, and enjoy games like merry-go-round, sea-saw, swing, etc. The Place was buzzing with children as they enjoyed every but of it, not forgetting a well designed swimming pool for people of all ages. The rooms are spacious with a spacious bathroom and a colour T.V. The food was delicious and mouth watering. The service was good, and the staff was very friendly and co-operative and we got full attention. All in all, we felt we were at home, although we were away from home, cause we had a wonderful time mingling with people of all communities. We appreciate your arrangement and further look forward for similar stress-free, problem-free, and tension-free holidays at your resorts.